I’ve seen nothing but improvements and all the staff are lovely, friendly and always kind people!
— Mackenzie
My favourite chiropractic experience so far! The staff is wonderful. Vitaliy is great at listening to my aches and pains and knows exactly what to do to improve them.
— Courtney
Dr. Vitaliy is a top notch doctor and overall caregiver. His overall dedication to helping me and my two boys is truly amazing! I thank him for his positive outlook to our overall health and well-being. Thank you! Keep up the great work.
— Giovanni
Huge improvement from where I was in the Fall of 2015. I could barely move my arms/ neck and was at risk of taking a leave from work.
— Leslie
Came in for general pain in my lower back and tense neck muscles. The combination of massage and chiropractic has helped tremendously! Super convenient location and love the free parking.
— Karen
Very satisfied, have had major issues with my neck and after several treatments I have much more range of motion in my neck, and the numbness in my right arm has disappeared.
— Cathy
Great so far. Range of motion has improved so much since I started and pain has decreased.
— Carol
My experience has been excellent, office staff friendly and accommodating. I had to switch a few appointments and had 1 cancelled but was accommodated on waiting list. Easy to call at last minute for Chiropractor appointment and get squeezed in.
— Maryann
Feeling fantastic, both people have great ‘healing hands’
— Barbara
Everything has been great! Staff is fantastic. Learning so much about my body and feeling so much better.
— Katrina
Completely satisfied. Dr. Vitaliy is very knowledgeable, informative, and professional.
— Dominique
Very good - both Dr. Vitaliy and Janet are kind, patient and thorough. Very knowledgeable. Staff is friendly, the energy is relaxing and welcoming.
— Debbie
Excellent clinic, I’ve spread the word about what your amazing work your clinic does.
— Sue & Ben